Updated: Apr 8

Cayuga Ducks
Our ducks drying off from a spring swim.

Cayuga Duck Egg
Cayuga Duck Egg

We love our black iridescent green ducks. They also lay us beautiful light gray to dark grey eggs. Sometimes we get a gem like that to the left that is very mottled and speckled. They lay darker eggs earlier in the laying season which get lighter as the season wanes. They lay about 100-150 eggs per year and can also be used for meat purposes. This breed is a Livestock Conservancy breed listed on 'watch' list. First described in early 1800's and thought to be of English origin originally, the Cayuga duck is named for the Native American people of Cayuga Lake in the Fingerlakes region of New York. They are a very docile and hardy duck well adapted to the Northeast. They are also great foragers and can very easily sustain themselves on their native environment.

One of our first animals purchased together at a local auction was a 'wild' black drake. He stole our hearts when he hissed at us viciously peeking into the box so we had to buy him. He cost us about $6 and could fly so we had to clip his wings (domestic Cayuga ducks do not fly). Eventually his pin feathers grew out and he disappeared. A few weeks later I saw a familiar black duck about a mile below us bathing in a small mountain stream. We had a few more sightings of him over the next year at different water spots on 'the hill' till he disappeared completely but his namesake lives on at Black Duck Farm where we will always be a little different and a little wild.

Black Duck Farm
Cayuga ducks swimming on the pond


The Cayuga Duck, it's Early Years-the Facts by Jonathon M. Thompson

Cayuga ducks
Max watching Rosie swim with the ducks

Updated: May 20

Since I'm currently building my own herd I only plan on attending a few shows this year. I don't have anything 'ready' aside from some very young stock for exhibition. I'll mainly be showing the Mini Silkies this year and maybe some Nubian/LaMancha stock in the Fall!

8/16/21-8/21/21 Delaware County Fair Walton, NY

10/2021 MSFG Autumn Classic Lebanon, PA

Updated: May 20

The 2020 showing season started off with a bang and I had high hopes for the year...then like everything else it got ruined by Covid. I'm really looking forward to the few shows in the area that are currently planned to see how my stock performs again this year and to finally get some Grand Champions in the barn that should have been granded last season! Rabbits for sale can be delivered to any show listed.

4/10/21-4/11/21 Catskill R&CBA Otisville, NY

5/22/21-5/53/21 Garden State RCBA Augusta, NJ

*Maternity Leave*

10/2/21-10/3/21 NYS R&CBA Syracuse, NY

(?) 10/23/21-10/27/21 98th ARBA Convention Louisville, KY

11/6/21-11/7/21 NYS Convention Show Syracuse, NY