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Baby rabbits have to be a minimum of 8 weeks before any purchase holds or sales are made. Rabbits are usually not available until they are much older around 4-6 months until they have had some time to develop and I can select the picks of the litter. All rabbits are sold with pedigrees as show/breeding quality unless otherwise noted. This does not mean that they are guaranteed to exceed at show conformation or breeding but are free from any known defects. If any defects come forth when the rabbit reaches maturity please contact me as the rabbit will be replaced. I refuse the right to sale for any reason but I'm committed to helping those who purchase my rabbits and are always open to any questions the buyer may have before or after the sale. Below are any rabbits available for sale at this time. Prices will range between $40-$120 depending on the rabbit quality, age and breeding.

I may have a few Champagnes available in June 2023

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