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Black Duck's Biscuit

BDF's Biscuit Champagne D'Argent Senior Doe #BDM20 A keeper from Blueberry's first successful litter, she is huge at over 11lbs. Her overall balance is nice and has been a great brood doe with large litters.

Reference-Black Duck's August

Reference BDF's August Champagne D'Argent Senior Doe #BDM15

Brick House Acres AM4 'Clara'

Reference BHA's AM4 'Clara' Champagne D'Argent Senior Doe #AM4 My original stock from Alyssa at Brick House Acres in Upstate NY, Clara won a few BOB and BOS.

GC Black Duck's Blueberry

BDF's Blueberry Champagne D'Argent Senior Doe #BD192 Made a great showing with her at the PaSRBA as she received 2 legs there and finally got another leg in 2021 to receive her Grand Champion registration.

Reference-Black Duck's Briar

Reference BDF's Briar Champagne D'Argent Senior Doe #BDF3 While not a show stopper on the table, she has proved to be a great producer. She was my largest doe at 11.5 pounds. She is more washed out in color than preferred.

Lopsided's Cinderella

Lopsided's Cinderella French Angora Senior Doe #ML199 Lynx Another beautiful angora from Lopsided Bunnies. I swore I had taken a picture before I plucked her in this hot summer weather but I must have deleted it accidentally. This picture does not due her justice and will get a proper one when she is back in full coat in a few more months.

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