Flopp-N-Lopps Charlie

FNL Charlie English Lop BlueTort Senior Doe #414FL DOB: 3/13/20 Hard for me not to have at least one of these guys in the rabbitry for nostalgia purposes. One of my favorite breeds of rabbits of all times, they are usually very sweet and silly.

BD's Buckle

Black Duck's Buckle #BDM20 Junior Doe out of Blueberry x Coal. 11/6/20.

BDF August

Black Duck's August Intermediate Doe #BDM15 Out of show coat right now but hopefully will get her entered for some table time in May. 8/6/20. Clara x Bramble

BD's Beau

Black Duck's Beau Senior Doe #BDM2 Clara x Bramble 4/15/20.

Brick House Acres AM4 'Clara'

BHA's AM4 'Clara' Senior Doe #AM4 My original stock from Alyssa at Brick House Acres in Upstate NY, Clara as won a few BOB and BOS at the very few shows she's been at as "past show prime" rabbit. She has been a great mother as well. 8/7/17.

Black Duck's Blueberry

Black Duck's Blueberry Senior Doe #BD193 #BD193 Made a great showing with her at the PaSRBA as she received 2 legs there and can be a Grand Champion. Her first litter will be held until they develop along further. She is a Clara x Bramble breeding. 4/12/19.

Black Duck's Briar

Black Duck's Briar Senior Doe #BDF3 While not a show stopper on the table, she has proved to be a great producer. Her first litter had 9 babies (although only 3 survived hopefully just due to first time mom jitters). She is my largest doe at 11 pounds and she is more washed out in color than preferred. 3/25/18.