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Chocolate French Angora
Black Duck's Auggie
Lopsided's Brother

French Angora Senior Buck #ML233 Chestnut Agouti Isn't he beautiful! Dabbling in some fiber rabbits has been so much fun already. Recently 3.8oz of wool yielded 297 yards of yarn from my spinner (who is also his breeder). She was impressed!

TF Patrick Henry

TF's Patrick Henry Satin Angora Senior Buck #TF Patrick Opal Love his color and full coat! Satin Angoras are smaller than the French and have more of a sheen to their coat.

Reference-Black Duck's Rooster

Reference BDF's Rooster Champagne D'Argent Senior Buck #BDM16 He has one litter currently in nestbox with Blueberry. A decent buck but not as big as his father Bramble who tops over 11 lbs.

Reference-Black Duck's Bramble

Reference BDF's Bramble Champagne D'Argent Senior Buck #BDF1 Our main herdsire, is a big buck at 11 lbs. He earned 1 leg while showing and usually got beat by his mother or another senior doe (they seem to do the best at shows!). He will be retired this year from breeding.

Reference-Dressler's Ridge #EG29

Reference DR's #EG29 'Coal' Champagne D'Argent Senior Buck #EG29 I bought him at the PaSRBA in February 2019 as a junior and I'm pleased how he has developed. Very sweet and docile, he embodies the lovely Champagne personality. His lines extend back to Theurer's and Fisher's so it complements our current herd genetics.

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