Lopsided's Brother

French Angora Agouti Senior Buck #ML233 7/6/20 Isn't he beautiful! Dabbling in some fiber with the 2 angora boys.

TF Patrick Henry

Thumper & Friends Patrick Henry Senior Buck #TF Patrick 7/2/20 Opal Satin Angora. Love his color and full coat!

Black Duck's Rooster

Black Duck's Rooster Junior Buck #BDM16 Clara x Bramble 8/7/20

Black Duck's Bramble

Our senior herd sire, out of Cleo x Clara. BDF1

DR's #EG29 'Coal'

Dressler's Ridge #EG29 'Coal' Senior Buck #EG29 10/27/19. I bought him at the PaSRBA in February as a junior and I'm very pleased how he has developed. Very sweet and docile, embodies everything a Champagne is. His lines extend back to Theurer's and Fisher's so it complements our current herd genetics.