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Garden State Rabbit & Cavy Show

Only had 1 intermediate Champagne doe to bring to show since everyone else has babies in the box or wasn't in adequate show condition. A very lovely outside show that was like old times (no one had masks on!). To bad I didn't have more stock to show as we had 5 reputable breeders there with some lovely animals. My doe finished in the middle behind 2 breeders that have been raising this breed for quite some time which is what I expected. I did bring home 2 senior does that came from another breeder selling out of her stock. One of them has 1 leg already and the other has 2 legs. The babies in the nestbox currently will be available for sale after June 23rd. I may have a few proven does and bucks available, please check the For Sale page. This is my last rabbit show before we have our third child! I hope to show at some prominent shows in the Fall dabbling in some guinea pigs as well (now that we have a few homebreds up and coming) with my young son!


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