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Catskill RCBA Show

Very nice senior does in her classes, she won 2nd in Show A and 1st in Show B (to earn her 1 leg) and then Best of Breed in Show B (for another leg).
Grand Champion Black Duck's Blueberry #BD192

Had a great time connecting with new people I haven't met before that breed Champagnes! I only showed one day due to having little kids at home still but I was happy to finally Grand my PaSRBA winner (from 2019), Blueberry. Covid really has done a number on absolutely everything to say the least. She earned 2 legs yesterday which means she has enough legs to be registered as a American Rabbit Breeder's Association Grand Champion.

ARBA Judge Paul Kyle judging Champagnes

I brought 7 rabbits in all being my first show in over a year!


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