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Rabbit Show Schedule 2021

Updated: May 20, 2021

The 2020 showing season started off with a bang and I had high hopes for the year...then like everything else it got ruined by Covid. I'm really looking forward to the few shows in the area that are currently planned to see how my stock performs again this year and to finally get some Grand Champions in the barn that should have been granded last season! Rabbits for sale can be delivered to any show listed.

4/10/21-4/11/21 Catskill R&CBA Otisville, NY

5/22/21-5/53/21 Garden State RCBA Augusta, NJ

*Maternity Leave*

10/2/21-10/3/21 NYS R&CBA Syracuse, NY

(?) 10/23/21-10/27/21 98th ARBA Convention Louisville, KY

11/6/21-11/7/21 NYS Convention Show Syracuse, NY


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