New Rabbit Breed Project

I've always had this breed in the back of my mind. The ideal pet rabbit, a miniature version of an English Lop. Adorable, long-eared and super friendly and dog-like! I'm pulling genetics from a Velveteen Lop/Lion Lop mix and English Lop to get this started and will probably add in some small breed later if needed to bring the size down. Will be hard to size down without compromising length of ear which I could like around 12"+ and a bodyweight of 2-3 pounds.

First Generation

One of my last remaining Velveteen Lop does, Faith, was the foundation of this breeding with a Lionlop harlequin buck, Smokey. She passed away during the raising of this litter and 2 out of the 6 babies were hand-raised successfully to maturity with Badger the result of this breeding. Badger has 13" ears and wears around 5 lbs. 14 oz.


Second Generation

Five adorable babies were born from Badger x Charlie (English Lop, 12 lbs. & 24" ears) crossing. So far these babies look like the type I'm aiming for, we will see how big they get.

baby bunnies

Founding Stock